Go North Nefesh b’Nefesh Program Includes Tiberias!

Did you know that the “Go North” Nefesh b’Nefesh program includes the beautiful city of Tiberias? Not only do you benefit from the temperate climate, gorgeous views, affordable homes, growing community, and thriving bustling city on the banks of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), but you get extra financial support to help make your move here successful. And, if this is not enough. the new mortgage subsidies provided by the government, can help you to buy a new apartment, of which quite a few are under construction.  There is no better time than now to plant your money in northern Israel and take advantage of favorable property prices, rising property values and a growing, friendly, spiritually rich community.

Israel Real Estate Homes and Investments is the best resource in northern Israel for finding the best real estate investment in Israel. You can see a return on your investment from 5% to 18%!! Definitely better than any bank or the failing stock markets.

For those ready to come and live here, we provide professional and supportive services to take you from the first day of your search to the last day when you have the keys in your hand. Take a look at our “Hot Properties” page here, or visit our website for the latest hot properties for investment and living. Visit our blog today and then contact us right away to help you maximize your investment or to move into your new home in Israel.

Invest in the strong Israeli economy – invest in real estate!

The latest from Invest in Israel:

The world’s three largest rating agencies, Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s, in a vote of confidence in the Israeli economy, maintained a high credit rating for Israel at a time when the economy’s resilience was put to the test by both global financial pressures resulting from the credit crisis and geopolitical conflict. While Israel was not immune to the effects of the global credit crunch, as its main trading partners were hit by the crisis, the country’s sound macroeconomic fundamentals and strict fiscal policy served as a buffer to dampen the impact of financial wobbles.

As a consequence of the macroeconomic strategy that Israel had adopted during the last two decades, together with the relatively conservative approach that was undertaken by the Israeli banking sector and the regulation carried out by the supervisor of banks, the Israeli economy was relatively well prepared to confront the challenges of the global crisis, including the prospects for economic slowdown. Though the crisis continues to loom from nearby Europe and a consequential slowdown might reflect on Israel through its trade ties, Israel’s comparatively strong economic performance throughout the crisis vouches for its ability to continue to withstand any further financial pressures.

The Israeli policy of removing barriers to trade in goods and to open capital movements has served the economy extremely well.  Israel is committed to openness as a strategic approach, while recognizing the importance of financial sector regulation.  The adoption of this strategy contributed significantly to Israel’s economic growth and its increased economic efficiency.

Israel Real Estate Homes and Investments, located in the north of Israel, has a large portfolio of real estate properties, for both living and investment. For much less money than is needed to make a purchase in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa or along the coast, you can find an affordable home or an investment property that will yield you at least 8% returns. Here are three options for you. Contact us for more choices and information

81 sq meter, 2d floor, 3 room, completely renovated apartment, located at the end of a very quiet street, with nothing but peace and tranquility to surround you. This is a very affordable apartment for living if you are looking for a new home in Israel. For the savvy investor, this is an outstanding investment. Rent for the apartment will be between 2300-2400 NIS per month and tenant pays all the bills, including city tax. The apartment is brand new inside, with new porcelain tile floors, new kitchen, new bathroom, new plumbing, new sewage pipes, and is freshly painted and in meticulous condition. You or your tenants can move in immediately, no need to do a thing! The apartment building has a very spacious and well-kept lobby and the entrance is lined with tropical trees and plants. The apartment is being offered at a bargain price of only NIS 510,000 (final price)

This is the best investment property! Already rented for one full year, beginning November 2011. The apartment is 78 sq meters, furnished and just steps from the kever of Rabbi Akiva, high up on a hill in Tiberias. Located on the 1st floor, with 3 rooms and beautifully designed, this apartment will bring you a great return on your investment. The apartment was completely renovated, with new kitchen, bathroom, porcelain floors, gorgeous wood trip around all the doors, new water pipes and plumbing. For the price of NIS 445,000 you will not find anything better in all of Israel.

All the benefits of a private house without all the work! This is a ground floor apartment, 74 sq meters, in a new building and is the perfect choice for a growing family looking for an apartment that can be expanded, or for the real estate investor looking for a good investment. This apartment can rent for between NIS 2600-2700 per month. The location is very quiet and the building is very well maintained. The apartment is wonderfully designed, with a special stone-finished wall to greet you upon your entrance into the home. The wall is designed with built-in shelves and alcoves to hold your TV, stereo system, books and other furnishings. The salon is very comfortable and the dining room was enlarged to make plenty of room for a large table. The kitchen is attractive and designed for efficiency, leading to an ample laundry and storage room. This is a great apartment, in a perfect location of the city, near to synagogues and many amenities. It is offered at only NIS 550,000 – an outstanding investment or living opportunity.

Earn more money here and save taxes too!

From Globes Real Estate

Accounting firm Baker Tilly reports that Israelis pay lower taxes on real estate deals compared with other countries.

The taxes examined are purchase tax paid on purchase of a property, tax on rental (by maximum tax bracket), and capital gains tax on the sale of a property. Israel was compared with Canada, Australia, Spain, Russia, the US, France and Japan.

Landlords can draw encouragement from the fact that Israel has the lowest tax of any country examined. Israel is somewhere in the middle on capital gains tax; tax rates (on second hand apartments) are higher than in Spain, the US and France but lower than the tax paid on the same apartment in Canada, Australia, Russia and Japan.

Baker Tilly Israel partner and tax manager Guy Reshtick said, “Tax in Israel is not as high as people think. Taxes are high in Israel but in matters relating to real estate tax, our situation is improving. There have been changes over the years that have lowered the sums required from apartment sellers and buyers. For example, betterment tax that in the past amounted to 50% of capital gains fell to 20% a decade ago – and that is a direct profit for apartment sellers.”

He added, “And here too apartment sellers are given a complete exemption from betterment tax on the sale of an apartment once in every four years.

Here is one great example of an outstanding real estate investment. But, don’t hestitate for another second!

Make a BIG Investment with a little money!

We’ve been away from blogging for a little while, but not because there hasn’t been anything to write about. It has been very busy around here lately. Lots of investors have been seizing the great opportunities for outstanding investment returns. Eight studio apartments in the heart of downtown Tiberias were snapped up in just a couple of weeks. Many overseas buyers are looking for new homes or great investments in this northern area of Israel, where the prices are very affordable. And, we had lots of visitors throughout the summer and holidays, enjoying our beautiful vacation homes. Now, the weather has cooled a little bit, but the real estate market is still very hot. It is the best time to find your new home in Israel or to snap up that investment property, sure to bring you at least an 8 percent return.

You will never believe this is an apartment– it feels like a villa!

This apartment is amazing… it looks like a movie set. You will not believe the amount of work and money that has been invested into this gorgeous home. The beauty begins as soon as you come to the entrance of the apartment, when you see the beautifully laid brick-facing and gorgeous stones at the entrance. Once inside, the luxury continues to envelop you—it will be a home of your dreams. This garden apartment spans two floors and each rooms blends seamlessly with the next giving you the feeling of floating, especially when you see the clear, blue waters of the Kinneret in front of you. 200 sq meters, 5 rooms, plus a 60 sq meter mirpeset. All the rooms are enormous, including the kitchen which is three times the size of the usual kitchen here in Israel. The floors throughout the house are of special, imported tile. The salon and dining room is large enough for all the family and guests. The mirpeset here is the perfect place to relax and watch the magnificent sunrise over the Kinneret and also you can watch the city as it awakens each day. Up the stairs, graced by a beautiful wrought-iron railing, you will find a full bathroom with shower, 2 bedrooms, one with a view to the Kinneret, and the master bedroom with a very large, walk-in closet and an exit to the upstairs mirpeset. And, if this is not enough, the owners have constructed an enormous succah, with painted stone walls and plenty of space to invite all the neighbors! PLUS, there is a studio apartment, perfect for renting out or as a place for the in-laws. This apartment must be seen to believe. You will not imagine that you can find such a jewel in this growing city of Tveria. NIS 1,080,000  To learn more, contact us.

Israel Mortgage rate update from First Israel Mortgage

Israel Mortgage Rate Update 08/16/2011 By: First Israel Mortgage

For those borrowers looking for US Dollar based loans, LIBOR loans are now available for foreigners as low as LIBOR+1.8% on the ENTIRE loan amount. Being able to take the entirety of the loan in a variable rate represents a tremendous benefit, as most lenders are unable to provide more than 1/3 of the loan in a variable rate. This option is available up to 70% of the value of the property, albeit with a slightly higher rate. The 5-year USD fixed rate (up to a 25 year term) is available at 3.6%. This option provides a great deal of security as it allows borrowers to fix this rate for 5 years. During the last few weeks, rates on shekel loans have been dropping quickly. The most attractive rates on the market in NIS are currently in the range of 5.4-5.8% fixed for 20 years. 30 year fixed rates are in the 6.2%-6.7% range. For clients interested in Prime loans, Prime-1.0% remains the sharpest rate on the market. For more information, call 972-2-567-1349 to speak with one of First Israel’s qualified mortgage consultants.


Now is a great time to make your investment in real estate in Israel. And you won’t find a better investment than this apartment, just steps from the Kever of Rabbi Akiva in Tiberias. This 3 room 78 sq meter apartment has been completely renovated– everything is new! The floors are beautiful, kitchen is beautiful, bathroom is beautiful, lighting fixtures are beautiful and it is furnished! People are already lining up to rent it. But, of course, if you want to live it in, that would be great too. Today, the price is only NIS 445,000 or only $129,000. Forex Israel can help you lock in this great exchange rate. So contact us today and don’t miss out on this great buy.