Buy Property in Israel, not in America!

A recent report published by CBRE shows that the Israeli dream of making it big in the US real estate market is not being realized. In fact, a little more than 50% of investors are losing money. Here is a link to the Arutz7 news article.

In Israel, the real estate market is booming, and continues to improve every day. Areas outside of the center, in the north and in the south, are seeing significant gains in real estate prices and property values. It is the very best time to invest your dollars here at home. Property management companies charge very reasonable fees and will take good care of your property plus maximize your investment return. Everything you need for long-term savings and investment growth is here in Eretz Israel.


Why Invest in Israel?

 “Israel has amazing people. We are investing $4 billion in an amazing group of people…” Warren Buffet, CEO and Chairman, Bershire Hathaway

  • Israel has a highly educated and creative workforce.
  • There are more Israeli traded companies traded on NASDAQ than any other country in the world, other than the US
  • Economic growth averages around 5% per year
  • Israel’s venture capital industry continues to thrive even in the face of global tightening of credit due to the financial crisis
  • Israel has the highest rate of research development investment as a percentage of GDP and is among the world’s leaders in numbers of patents issued
  • Israel has one of the most highly educated workforces in the world

All the markets in Israel are very strong right now, R&D, telecommunications, technologies, financials, and especially real estate. This is a great time to take your money out from those disappointing accounts you have been using, and plant it here in the strongest and most stable economy in the world. You will be very happy with the move!

Northern Israel offers lots of opportunities for investment growth. Real estate prices are still very low compared to the center and coastal areas of the country. Yet, as this area of Israel begins to grow with new industries, immigrants and government initiatives, those low prices are going to climb. As with all investments, timing is everything. The best time is now.

20 dunam of currently zoned agricultural land in the beautiful area of Givat-Ada, only 7 minutes from the Mediterranean. Buy the entire parcel for NIS 5.2 million or NIS 260,000 per dunam. Also, you can purchase half a dunam for NIS 130,000. For more

Gorgeous townhouse in the peaceful moshav of Migdal, just minutes from the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). One of a group of eight townhouses, constructed of wood and Jerusalem stone, this house will give you endless enjoyment of the Kinneret and mountains of the Galil. The house is spread out over two floors, with a garden/terrace and wooden deck. It is being sold furnished… you just have to pick up the key and move in! NIS 1,150,000 For more

A little bit of renovation and this apartment will be a great new home or investment property. It is located in a prime area of the city of Tiberias, 120 sq meters, 4 rooms, and gorgeous views of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). All of the downtown and waterfront amenities of the city of Tiberias are just a few minutes walk away. NIS 525,000

Earn more money here and save taxes too!

From Globes Real Estate

Accounting firm Baker Tilly reports that Israelis pay lower taxes on real estate deals compared with other countries.

The taxes examined are purchase tax paid on purchase of a property, tax on rental (by maximum tax bracket), and capital gains tax on the sale of a property. Israel was compared with Canada, Australia, Spain, Russia, the US, France and Japan.

Landlords can draw encouragement from the fact that Israel has the lowest tax of any country examined. Israel is somewhere in the middle on capital gains tax; tax rates (on second hand apartments) are higher than in Spain, the US and France but lower than the tax paid on the same apartment in Canada, Australia, Russia and Japan.

Baker Tilly Israel partner and tax manager Guy Reshtick said, “Tax in Israel is not as high as people think. Taxes are high in Israel but in matters relating to real estate tax, our situation is improving. There have been changes over the years that have lowered the sums required from apartment sellers and buyers. For example, betterment tax that in the past amounted to 50% of capital gains fell to 20% a decade ago – and that is a direct profit for apartment sellers.”

He added, “And here too apartment sellers are given a complete exemption from betterment tax on the sale of an apartment once in every four years.

Here is one great example of an outstanding real estate investment. But, don’t hestitate for another second!

Make a BIG Investment with a little money!

We’ve been away from blogging for a little while, but not because there hasn’t been anything to write about. It has been very busy around here lately. Lots of investors have been seizing the great opportunities for outstanding investment returns. Eight studio apartments in the heart of downtown Tiberias were snapped up in just a couple of weeks. Many overseas buyers are looking for new homes or great investments in this northern area of Israel, where the prices are very affordable. And, we had lots of visitors throughout the summer and holidays, enjoying our beautiful vacation homes. Now, the weather has cooled a little bit, but the real estate market is still very hot. It is the best time to find your new home in Israel or to snap up that investment property, sure to bring you at least an 8 percent return.

Israel Mortgage rate update from First Israel Mortgage

Israel Mortgage Rate Update 08/16/2011 By: First Israel Mortgage

For those borrowers looking for US Dollar based loans, LIBOR loans are now available for foreigners as low as LIBOR+1.8% on the ENTIRE loan amount. Being able to take the entirety of the loan in a variable rate represents a tremendous benefit, as most lenders are unable to provide more than 1/3 of the loan in a variable rate. This option is available up to 70% of the value of the property, albeit with a slightly higher rate. The 5-year USD fixed rate (up to a 25 year term) is available at 3.6%. This option provides a great deal of security as it allows borrowers to fix this rate for 5 years. During the last few weeks, rates on shekel loans have been dropping quickly. The most attractive rates on the market in NIS are currently in the range of 5.4-5.8% fixed for 20 years. 30 year fixed rates are in the 6.2%-6.7% range. For clients interested in Prime loans, Prime-1.0% remains the sharpest rate on the market. For more information, call 972-2-567-1349 to speak with one of First Israel’s qualified mortgage consultants.


Now is a great time to make your investment in real estate in Israel. And you won’t find a better investment than this apartment, just steps from the Kever of Rabbi Akiva in Tiberias. This 3 room 78 sq meter apartment has been completely renovated– everything is new! The floors are beautiful, kitchen is beautiful, bathroom is beautiful, lighting fixtures are beautiful and it is furnished! People are already lining up to rent it. But, of course, if you want to live it in, that would be great too. Today, the price is only NIS 445,000 or only $129,000. Forex Israel can help you lock in this great exchange rate. So contact us today and don’t miss out on this great buy.

Foreigner\’s guide to property m… JPost – Business – Real Estate

A new real estate column: Property expert Lyle Plocher gives advice and tips for those from abroad looking to invest in Israeli property.


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For information about buying opportunities in the North, please contact us. The real estate marketplace is very favorable right now, whether you are ready to live here or looking to make an investment.