Buy This Gorgeous Property in Yavne’el, Israel

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Yavne’el is a stunning yishuv (village) in the lower Galilee valley, around 15 minutes southwest from the city of Tiberias. Yavne’el was founded as an agricultural co-op, or moshav, but today, while you can still see cows and sheep grazing on the hillsides, it is quickly becoming a community of choice for families who want to be near the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) and amenities of the city of Tiberias, yet far away from the crowds, noise and traffic. The yishuv is coming alive not only with new housing and synagogues, but also with shopping and eateries. Gone are the days when Yavne’el residents have to travel to Tiberias for all their shopping needs.

Within Yavne’el are a few different neighborhoods, one of which is Smadar Ilit, nestled in the hills overlooking the yishuv, the Kineret and the mountains of the Galilee Valley. It will remind you of southern California, but for a fraction of the price.

In Smadar Ilit you will find the exquisite villa, with gorgeous interiors, breathtaking views and nothing but luxury to surround you. It will be like living at a vacation spa, all the days of your life. 180 sqm of high-class living space, 5 rooms, master bedroom, swimming pool, jacuzzi and spa, all on a half dunam lot. The price is unbelievable! Only 2.3M NIS. It will sell quickly . Be in touch now to schedule a viewing,


Israel’s First Rent to Buy?

346316If Finance Minister Kahlon has his way, Israel will have its first “lease to buy” project. Working with foreign, primarily US, developers, the plan calls for an eventual construction of 10,000 apartment units that would be rented, by lottery, to couples who would pay upfront 10% of the purchase cost, and after 18 years would be owners of the property. These are new apartments, 4 bedrooms, 120 sq meters, to be built more quickly than is normal here in Israel. Financing would come from foreign banks. Here are the details of the proposed plan. Stay turned for its progress.


Buy Your New Apartment in Migdal, in the Galilee, Northern Israel

Enjoy the bird’s eye view of the beautiful Moshav of Migdal, in the Galilee, northern Israel.

bldgThen contact us right away to reserve your exclusive, luxurious, new home in this gorgeous Moshav.






Buy Investment Property in Israel–Guaranteed Returns

Here is an interesting analysis of why rental prices are high in Israel, and continue to increase. While not such good news for tenants, it is one reason you should continue investing in real estate in Israel. Your property value will only increase and you can count on good rental income. Take a look at our property pages and be in touch with us today to help you find your new home in Israel or your real estate investment in Israel.


Bid to make housing affordable sends buyers scrambling, but will it work? | The Times of Israel

New purchase tax law is coming out of the final gate and as you can see, buyers who were sitting on the fence have jumped down and are scrambling to make purchases quickly to avoid being hit with a huge tax bill that could significantly drive up the purchase price.

The law impacts Israeli buyers and foreign buyers differently. For Israeli buyers, the tax change will impact them when they purchase a second property.  For foreign buyers, the changes impact all purchases.

Notice also the enormous increase in property prices experienced since 2008. In fact, here in Tveria one could purchase a nice apartment for around 250,000 shekels in 2008. Today there is nothing on the market for that amount of money, or, if so, you will need to invest more than this amount of money to make it liveable.

One week left—if you have been visiting this site or contacting us over the past several months contemplating a purchase, now is the time to go to contract. The new purchase tax is tied to the date that you sign, not the date that you complete the purchase! Be in touch today and let us help you get into your dream home at the most affordable price possible.

Bid to make housing affordable sends buyers scrambling, but will it work? | The Times of Israel.