Dreaming of Building a Home in Israel

1273778Many olim dream of building their own home in Israel and ask if it is possible. Absolutely! One can buy land, zoned for residential building, and build away! There are many expert, bilingual architects who can help you take your dream home from conception to reality. And while it is true that the typical Israeli structure is made from brick, the wooden house is starting to make some serious inroads here. There are companies that specialize in wood construction, including some from Europe that will deliver a prefabricated house straight to you. Of course, one has to take into consideration the extra expense of constructing with wood and the upkeep, as we tend to have a dry climate.

Land for building is expensive in Israel because there is a limited supply. The majority of the land in Israel is owned by the government or Jewish National Fund. Other land is zoned agricultural, and actually quite reasonably priced. But land for building will cost you more. On our property pages, you will see some land options, both for growing crops and for building. Here is one example, though, to help you with your dreaming.

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The plot is .73 dunam, zoned residential and ready for building in stunning Moshava Kinneret. Located at the end of the cul-de-sac, your new house will have knock-out views of the Sea of Galilee and mountains of the Golan. Moshava Kineret is only 8k south of the city of Tveria, in the Jordan Valley, with easy access north and south. Asking price is NIS 1,550,000.

The moshava (rural village) was founded in 1908 by the Israeli Bureau of the Zionist Federation, and with financial support from Baron Rothschild. Approximately 376 residents make their home on the moshav.

The entire Galil and northern Israel is filled with gorgeous open spaces, peaceful communities, breathtaking vistas and waiting for you.

Please take a look at the listings on our properties page. However, keep in mind that what you see here is but a small sample of the properties available. As property finders, when you are looking to buy property in Israel, we are your go-to team to help you locate everything that is available to suit your needs and budget. Please visit our About page to learn more about us.


Private Land for Sale in Israel

Tiberias-Highlight-246491416389469_crop_800_400If your dream is to build your own home in Eretz Yisrael, then this is the project for you!

It is important to know that only around 7% of all the available land in Israel is private. The vast majority is in the hands of the State or the Jewish National Fund. And, of the 7%, most of it is owned by developers. But, here is a project that will place private land in your hands and you can build the house of your dreams upon it!

226_desc3_2_1_1421660302A brand new neighborhood is taking shape in Tiberias, near the Sea of Galilee. 100 lots each one 400 sq meters, each one offering exquisite views of the Kineret and city of Tveria. You have up to five years to build your home in Israel, in whatever style you prefer. There are size restrictions depending upon the lot. Prices vary by lot location but range from 1,500 – 1,700 per sq meter.

The entire neighborhood will be ready in a year. Lots are already being reserved, so move fast to catch your piece of Israel. Buy now, in advance of your aliyah and build upon your arrival. Or build next year and rent your home until you arrive. Whatever you decide, the most important point is to act now. Contact us at galilproperties@gmail.com for more specifics and reservation details.

New Mortgage rules for buying property in Israel

Cheshvan 14, 5773, 30/10/12 12:16

Bank of Israel: Tighter Mortgage Rules Will Lower Home Prices
New rules will tighten the amount of money a homebuyer can get in mortgage money

David Lev

Supervisor of Banks Dudu Zaken on Monday issued new restrictions to mortgage banks regarding the amount of money a home purchaser must put down, and how much a bank can finance a home for.

Beginning in November, banks will be able to finance only up to 70% of the cost of a home with a mortgage. That is the maximum possible mortgage; the Bank of Israel would prefer to see mortgages of no more than 60% of the value of a home. Homebuyers will have to either come up with the rest in a down payment, or use other vehicles if they wish to borrow more money.

An exception will be made for individuals or families that have never owned a home before; they will be able to borrow up to 75% of the cost of a home. In addition, if a buyer already owns an apartment or home and is not selling it in order to buy a new home, and intends to hold onto it as a second property, banks have been instructed not to provide them with more than 50% of the cost of a home.

Until now, there was no limit on the size of a mortgage a homebuyer could get for any property. The rules apply to both Israelis and foreign residents.

The rule change is perhaps the most ambitious – and certainly the harshest – measure that the government has taken to lower housing costs. In a statement, the Bank of Israel said that in the past few years, easy credit has encouraged many more people to buy properties, and has fueled the sharp rise in housing prices in Israel. In addition, the Bank said, the rule change will help Israel avoid the types of housing and property bubbles that have caused havoc in economies around the world, from the U.S. to numerous European countries, to China.

Rare opportunity to buy land in beautiful valley near Jerusalem

Limited opportunity to live in the beautiful Valley of the Springs- Emek Hamaya’anot,
just one short hour drive from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This is a rare opportunity to grab pristine land for building plus land for agriculture, plus two houses, with room for expansion, in a quiet, peaceful, heavenly setting.
The property consists of 10 dunam, currently with two private residences, one house of 150 sq meters, that has been divided into two apartments, and the main
house of 222 sq meters, with a dream kitchen. There is room on the land to add another house or up to 3 zimmers. The property also includes 50 dunam of agriculture land, part of which is contiguous to the house and other plots are spread out within the moshav, all currently leased out to farmers. If you are looking for a peaceful place to raise the family, and/or for good income from
rental and/or vacation home income, this is THE place for you! The location is
perfect, situated near to the valley’s most famous attractions, plus the easy
drive to Jerusalen and Tel Aviv. You are sure to have busy zimmers. Or, enjoy
the large house, rent out the small house, and live off the land. Lots of
options, limited only by your imagination. But, hurry, because this deal will
not be around for long. 4.5M shekels.

Buy your home in northern Israel today – don’t miss out on affordable real estate in Israel

Elul 18, 5772, 05/09/12 02:15

Periphery Home Bargains Fast Disappearing, Experts Say
There are still bargains to be had in Israeli real estate, but they won’t last long, experts said, as more Israelis move to the periphery

David Lev

There are still bargains to be had in Israeli real estate, in areas in the north and south of the country known as “the periphery” – but they’re unlikely to last long, new numbers from the Central Bureau of Statistics show. Sales of apartments in the center of the country, and especially in Tel Aviv, were down in July, but sales in the south and north were up – with sales in the latter more than doubling in July over the number of sales in June.

Numbers are not in yet for August, but real estate experts said in several interviews with Israeli media on Tuesday that they believed the trend would continue, into the fall and winter. Agents in places like Be’ersheva, Ashkelon, Netivot, and Dimona all reported a significant increase in queries from potential buyers, while in the north, buyers are expressing interest in the suburbs of Haifa and other areas, including Pardes Hanna and Or Akiva.

Much of the interest, experts said, is due to the easy connections to the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem areas via Road 6 and Israel Railways– perhaps, the experts said, the most important growth factors in the expansion of the periphery. Speaking in an interview, Asher Goldenberg, a top official in the Azorim real estate development company, said that “prices in the north were always more attractive than prices in the center of the country, but a major change has taken place in recent years to raise prices to levels similar to those in the center. Much of this is due to new infrastructure, and especially transportation infrastructure.

“For example, the opening of the Carmel Tunnels and the extension of Road 6 north to the Somekh Junction brings the Haifa area much closer to the Tel Aviv area,” Goldenberg said. On Sunday, the Ministerial Committee for Interior Affairs authorized an extension of Road 6 northwards. The new section, when completed, will extend to the Somekh junction, just east of Haifa. Currently, the road ends about 20 kilometers south, at the Tishbi junction.

Similar extensions are planned for the southern end of Road 6, with plans to extend it south of Be’er Sheva – placing once far-removed communities like Dimona and Ofakim within commuting distance of the centers of employment. Prices are already higher, real estate experts said – and as Israelis get the message that they can live in once far-flung communities and commute back and forth to work in a reasonable amount of time, more people will be buying in these communities, with prices rising as well.


Israel Real Estate Homes & Investments has real estate to fit every pocketbook. Check out our “Hot Properties” page for some examples and contact us today at weidner.dvorah@gmail.com to find out more about buying real estate in northern Israel– apartments, houses, villas, zimmer businesses, hotel, land, commercial space, investment properties… whatever is your dream…. we will help it come true!

Buy land in Israel and Build your dream home

Looking for a place in Israel to build the home of your dreams? Or to have your own business of zimmers or B&B’s? Then, this land is perfect for you. This offer is 323 sq meters of exquisite land, near the shores of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) (walk to the beach in 4 minutes!), in the beautiful community of Manachamia. Manachamia is adjacent to Tzemak, home to the largest college in the Galil, and is filled with villas, synagogues, parks, small cafes and stores, and beautiful, lush greenery. It is a growing community with plans for another 50 private homes. You have options with this land. Build your dream home of up to 228 sq meters, or build your dream business of 6 zimmers. Everything is fully registered in the legal records. The best thing about this property is the short walk to the Sea, when you can enjoy boating, swimming, strolling, fishing or just sitting and gazing upon the beautiful waters, especially during sun rise and by the light of the moon. Priced at only NIS335,000, it is an investment bargain not to be missed. See for more.