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69007260Welcome to Moshav Tal Shachar (morning dew)

Waiting for you is an exquisite residence, a “smart house”, energy efficient, luxuriously designed, open floor plan, gorgeous!

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25 minutes from Tel Aviv, 30 minutes from Yerushalayim

272 sqm living space, 350 sqm garden

8 bedrooms, 3 balconies

swimming pool preparations complete


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Bid to make housing affordable sends buyers scrambling, but will it work? | The Times of Israel

New purchase tax law is coming out of the final gate and as you can see, buyers who were sitting on the fence have jumped down and are scrambling to make purchases quickly to avoid being hit with a huge tax bill that could significantly drive up the purchase price.

The law impacts Israeli buyers and foreign buyers differently. For Israeli buyers, the tax change will impact them when they purchase a second property.  For foreign buyers, the changes impact all purchases.

Notice also the enormous increase in property prices experienced since 2008. In fact, here in Tveria one could purchase a nice apartment for around 250,000 shekels in 2008. Today there is nothing on the market for that amount of money, or, if so, you will need to invest more than this amount of money to make it liveable.

One week left—if you have been visiting this site or contacting us over the past several months contemplating a purchase, now is the time to go to contract. The new purchase tax is tied to the date that you sign, not the date that you complete the purchase! Be in touch today and let us help you get into your dream home at the most affordable price possible.

Bid to make housing affordable sends buyers scrambling, but will it work? | The Times of Israel.

Bought your dream house in Israel? Now make sure it doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare – Real Estate – – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Bought your dream house in Israel? Now make sure it doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare – Real Estate – – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

Buy Affordable Real Estate in Northern Israel–Beat the Crowd!

Now is the time to purchase your home or investment property while the prices are still affordable. Already in the center of Israel sales are flying like hotcakes and the prices are soaring. You can still find affordable real estate in Israel in the beautiful northern communities such as Tiberias, Safed, Migdal, Yavne’el, Nof Kinneret, and other moshavim in the Galil. But, it will not stay this way for long. Contact us today at and let us help you find your new home in Eretz Israel.

Real estate market sources tell “The Wall Street Journal” that a wave of immigration will heat up Israel’s already hot market.

The Jewish Agency estimates that 10,000 French Jews will immigrate to Israel in 2015, after 7,000 reached Israel in 2014 due to growing anti-Semitism. In response, Tel Aviv real estate market sources have told “The Wall Street Journal” that the potential French Jewish immigrants will further heat up Israel’s already buoyant property market where home prices have doubled over the past seven years.

“January and February are not usually very busy periods because of the winter,” said Eric Toubiana, a co-owner of the Comacom Group brokerage based on Tel Aviv’s Ben Yehuda Street. “But ever since the period of Charlie Hebdo, we’ve had a huge amount of work.”

Toubiana told “The Wall Street Journal” that his business partner had flown to France to deal with all the extra business.

“We are seeing prices that have been resilient to the fact that they are way out of sync with incomes in Israel,’’ said Chaim Friedman, the founder of First Israel Mortgage, a mortgage broker. “In part, that’s due to foreign demand.”

“There’s no doubt that the prices here are expensive, according to every measure,’’ IBI-Israel Brokerage & Investments Ltd. economist Shai Azar told “The Wall Street Journal.” “On the other hand, you have a low interest rate, high demand, and everything that is going on in Europe only adds to the demand. I don’t see a change in the trend in the short-term. But nothing rises forever.”

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news – – on February 4, 2015

Buy Property in Israel, not in America!

A recent report published by CBRE shows that the Israeli dream of making it big in the US real estate market is not being realized. In fact, a little more than 50% of investors are losing money. Here is a link to the Arutz7 news article.

In Israel, the real estate market is booming, and continues to improve every day. Areas outside of the center, in the north and in the south, are seeing significant gains in real estate prices and property values. It is the very best time to invest your dollars here at home. Property management companies charge very reasonable fees and will take good care of your property plus maximize your investment return. Everything you need for long-term savings and investment growth is here in Eretz Israel.


Buy this beautiful Property In Tzfat (Safed)

IMG_4122Here is a great opportunity to buy a spacious home, with the most incredible views you can find anywhere in northern Israel, plus a zimmer to bring you a little extra income, or quite a bit of income, if you decide to run it as a business, or use it as a guest house/place for the in-laws when they come to visit. If you are looking to buy property in Tzfat (or Safed), then this is the place for you! The views in front of the home are incredible, with ABSOLUTELY nothing to block them, not now and not ever. The location feels like you have left the city of Tzfat and gone to the mountains, yet the house is only 10 minutes from the center of the city. Visit our Hot Properties in Tzfat page for details and contact us today to make an appointment to see this house, and other properties in northern Israel. If you are looking to buy property in Israel– in northern Israel–then we are your one-stop source for all kinds of properties. We look forward to working with you.