Want to Buy Property in Safed, Israel?

old-city-safedIf you are holding out for a new apartment in Safed, there is some great news for you.

Seventy-five acres were purchased recently by two frum developers at the top of the Canaan neighborhood in Tzfat. Plans are to build 2,000 apartments for the frum community. Safed, or Tzfat, is already home to thousands of chareidim, who enjoy not on the great mystical and holy atmosphere of this beautiful city in the mountains of northern Israel, but also the great home prices. Whereas across Israel, the price of apartments has been leaping upward, in Safed, they remain affordable.

As with all new projects, quite a bit more work needs to be done with the city planning and zoning offices, but the good news is that the ink is dry and the process is moving forward. Stay in touch with us to be kept up to date, and to learn about making a reservation once the project arrives at that point.

Check out our Tzfat page for a sample of properties available in Safed, but keep in mind, that many properties are not listed here. We are expert property finders. Just be in touch, tell us where you want to live (in the Galil) and we will find it for you!


Hot Property to Buy in Safed, Israel

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For all you searchers of property in Safed (Tzfat) Israel, here is a property you do not want to miss! Extremely affordable, perfect location, views, and currently rented, meaning you would have income right away until you are ready to move in yourself. Here are some brief details: 4 rooms (3 bedrooms) 2 bathrooms, one with a tub!, 7th floor (but one elevator entrance is on 3rd floor giving you a very easy climb on Shabbat and Yom Tov), just off the midrachov and close to everything you need and want to do in this Holy City of Tzfat. If you are looking to buy property in Safed, Israel, you need look no further. Be in touch right away at galilproperties@gmail.com to learn more, see more photos, and arrange for a viewing. Asking price is only 790,000 NIS.

Buy a Zimmer in Safed or Buy an Amazing Apartment in SafedTzfat)

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Buy a zimmer in Safed
Buy an apartment in Safed

Here is an amazing opportunity to walk into an existing, successful zimmer business located in the heart of the city of Safed (Tzfat), northern Israel.

The property has been performing very successfully as a zimmer, but it could also be a residence. In either case, you would inherit a beautiful property, fully furnished, within steps of the famous artists quarter of Tzfat’s Old City. Three rooms (two very roomy bedrooms) full bathroom, salon and kitchen. There is room to expand on the roof. Asking price is NIS 800,000, a bargain considering the success of the Safed zimmer business you would be inheriting. Contact weidner.dvorah@gmail.com to arrange a viewing.

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