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Buy this amazing villa in Caesarea, an ancient, sophisticated, beautiful city along the shores of the Mediterranean. This property is priced to sell! In a market of 6.8M shekel villas, this exclusive home is only 4.7M shekels!


Six bedrooms (master en-suite), 3 bathrooms, all on 770 sq meters of luxuriously landscaped grounds. photo_7

You can walk to the Mediterranean in 7 short minutes, or simply dive into your own private swimming pool. Don’t miss out on this special deal. Contact us right away for more details and to schedule a viewing.







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Caesarea, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, 250 sqm,  500 sqm land, private swimming pool, incredible property! Only $1.1M USD



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Controversial Tax on Owners of Three or More Homes Struck Down

Minister’s Kahlon’s plan to penalize primarily investors, with a special tax for owning three or more dwellings was squelched by the Israel Supreme Court.

There is definitely a shortage of affordable housing in Israel, especially for young, growing families. It is particularly acute in Israel’s center, less so here in the north or in the south. Minister Kahlon sought to address this issue by assessing a punitive tax on investors designed to open up the market and increase rental home stock in Israel. But, it was pretty much universally agreed that this approach would fail to reach its objective. During the time the proposed law was pending, there was a noticeable drop in the number of real estate purchases by foreigners.

It is not the end of the story. The Israel Supreme Court suggested that the Knesset re-examine the approach and come up with something better. Minister Kahlon remains dedicated to his cause so we can expect him to offer this plan again in the new session, once everyone returns from summer vacation.

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