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Buy this amazing villa in Caesarea, an ancient, sophisticated, beautiful city along the shores of the Mediterranean. This property is priced to sell! In a market of 6.8M shekel villas, this exclusive home is only 4.7M shekels!


Six bedrooms (master en-suite), 3 bathrooms, all on 770 sq meters of luxuriously landscaped grounds. photo_7

You can walk to the Mediterranean in 7 short minutes, or simply dive into your own private swimming pool. Don’t miss out on this special deal. Contact us right away for more details and to schedule a viewing.







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Caesarea, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, 250 sqm,  500 sqm land, private swimming pool, incredible property! Only $1.1M USD



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Buying Property in Israel is Getting to be More Expensive

While you can still find good deals on affordable homes in northern Israel, buying property in Israel is not as cheap as it used to be. Even though fewer contracts were closed in the past quarter, prices are not coming down. In fact, sellers are raising their prices. The main problem is the lack of housing stock. And, the lack of private land available for sale upon which to build. Investor purchases have slowed, but this has nothing to do with the price of homes and everything to do with the new tax structure.

Our advice is that you lock in your home in Israel now, because the prices are not going to come down, and you will have an investment that will increase in value. Even if you never live in the home and sell it, you will make some money. Best is to buy now and come when you are ready. Or better yet…come now!


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