Hot Properties in Sea of Galilee Lower Valley: Migdal/Yavne’el/Moshavim


migdalListing #1 In the stunning yishuv of Migdal, straddling the waters of the Kineret and Mt. Arbel, is an amazing opportunity to own private land in Eretz Yisrael. Both plots are zoned agricultural, so if you grab one (or both) now, you can fulfill the mitzvah of Shmitah!!  Migdal is near to Tiberias and on the way to Tzfat/Haifa and other points north. Both lots are roughly 1.8 dunam. You can apply for use change. One would be excellent for commercial use as roadside inn or restaurant. Or, plant trees and other crops and enjoy a piece of Eretz Israel. Make perfect bar/bat mitzvah presents for the children, or for long-term investment. contact for details.


Listing #2 New residential project in Migdal, northern Israel. 20 apartments, all luxuriously designed with balconies and stunning views of the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) and Mt. Arbel. Apartments range in size from 2-4 rooms and 58 sqm to 90 sqm. Finish date is 20 months from now. Prices range from 825,000 NIS to 1.33M NIS. Reservations are being taken now. Contact us at for more information, floor plans, photos and to make your reservations.


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Listing #3 All you need for this house is your suitcase! New, fully furnished townhouses in a very unique vacation home complex in the gorgeous yishuv of Migdal. Only four townhouses still available. Each unit comes completely furnished and includes jacuzzi, rooftop swimming pool, terrace and lush gardens. And, of course, views of the Kineret. The townhouse is 170 sqm, sitting on a 250 sqm lot. Five bedrooms on the lower floor, each with exit to the garden. Upstairs is the kitchen and salon. The interior is exquisitely designed, with very high-end, exclusive furnishings and fixtures. The project is designed for investors wanting to vacation in Israel, and rent out their homes when they are away. You can expect to earn 3,000 NIS per night from vacation rentals. But, you just might want to live here! Only 1.45M NIS. Contact us soon, because if you wait, these last four units will be gone.


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Listing #4 New project in Migdal. Luxury cottages, duplex-style townhomes, constructed according the highest standards with only luxury materials and interior designs. Only 3 townhouses are still available in this incredible residential complex. One available unit is 120 sqm, 4 rooms, sitting on a 250 sqm lot, with an option for in-ground swimming pool. Two units are 130 sqm, 5 rooms, sitting on a 250 sqm lot, with option for in-ground swimming pool. Prices range from 1.25M to 1.35M shekels, depending upon which size you choose, if you go select the swimming pool, and other choices available to you pre-construction.


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Listing #5 Spacious villa in the yishuv of Migdal, northern Israel. This is a gorgeous property, 200 sqm of living space on 520 sqm of land, pool and jacuzzi, private parking, 3 bedrooms, including a master suite, plus a guest suite downstairs. High tech furnishings and high-end living await you. Only 1.75M NIS.


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Listing #6  Stunning villa in Smadar Illit, Yavne’el. Located just a few miles southwest of Tiberias, Smadar Illit is nestled in the foothills overlooking the gorgeous valleys of the Galil, moshav of Yavne’el and the Golan mountains. This villa provides you with exquisite luxury living, similar to what you would find along Israel’s coast, at only a fraction of the price. The villa is 180 sqm of living space, sitting on half a dunam, with private swimming pool, 4 bedrooms, including master bedroom, jacuzzi and spa. Think about it–home can be vacation–all the time! Only 2.3M NIS. You would pay 5 times this amount in the center or coastal cities of Israel. Contact us at right away to arrange for a viewing.



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While you can still find good deals on affordable homes in northern Israel, buying property in Israel is not as cheap as it used to be. Even though fewer contracts were closed in the past quarter, prices are not coming down. In fact, sellers are raising their prices. The main problem is the lack of housing stock. And, the lack of private land available for sale upon which to build. Investor purchases have slowed, but this has nothing to do with the price of homes and everything to do with the new tax structure.

Our advice is that you lock in your home in Israel now, because the prices are not going to come down, and you will have an investment that will increase in value. Even if you never live in the home and sell it, you will make some money. Best is to buy now and come when you are ready. Or better yet…come now!


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