Buy Apartments in the Galilee, Israel

private home in safed, israel

private home in safed, israel

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was in the Galilee (Galil) yesterday to lay out his vision and future funding for developing the north of Israel, in the Galil. The Prime Minister wants to see the north develop like the south, where there has been a huge building rush of houses and businesses. Along with all of that great development, there has been a corresponding increase in the price of homes.

At present, one can still buy apartments or homes in Israel, in the north, for very reasonable prices. And, even though government ministries and the Bank of Israel predict a slowing down of the real estate market in Israel, an infusion of residential and commercial development in the north will automatically increase property values and heat of the home sales market. Now is a good time to buy real estate in Israel, in the north, especially in places such as Tzfat, Tiberias, Migdal, Yavne’el and the moshavim surrounding the Kineret.

Prime Minister Netanyahu promised government investment in building a future in the Galilee, meaning jobs, training, and housing, with a focus on strengthening entrepreneurship. He also spoke about the relocation of industries to the north, which will bring immediate employment opportunities. Netanyahu said that the government also intends to build civil infrastructure, increase and enhance medical facilities in the Galil and engage in a campaign to bring new residents to the cities of the Galilee. All in all, it sounds very good.


Israeli Housing Construction Standards Slated for Improvement

346316Israeli Residential Real Estate Construction Industry About to Become Professionalized

If the Minister of Finance, MK Moshe Kahlon, gets his way, Israel will open up its residential construction industry to foreign developers. The plan is not without opposition, but the proposal brought before the Housing Cabinet is designed to speed up the construction timetable, getting that new home in your hands much sooner. Currently it takes around 15 years for developers to complete a new neighborhood, during which time construction prices rise, making that new home less and less affordable. The new effort is also intended to improve construction standards. For foreign buyers and olim from overseas, this could be very welcome news.

According to an article today in Globes, foreign developers would function as subcontractors to domestic builders, bringing in their own construction crew. The foreign developers would be allowed to operate in Israel for five years. While working in Israel, these foreign construction companies would be subject to all Israeli laws, including labor and safety.

The proposal has the backing of the Bank of Israel. Proponents highlight the proposal’s impact on improving construction standards, bringing it to a level of efficiency and perfection known throughout the western world. The government also proposes special grants to developers that adopt European construction standards and train their employees on the latest in construction technologies. Also funded will be a center for construction designed to raise the standard of professionalism and improve the overall housing construction industry.

Forbes Israel 30 Under 30

1222_forbes-cover-011816-30-under-30_1000x1313-1Not only is there great real estate in Israel, but also great minds. One glance at the medical, scientific, high-tech, financial, or business news pages will confirm that Israel is at the forefront of innovation in just about every discipline known to man. And now we have our very own, first ever Forbes Israel 30 Under 30 list, featuring 60 young entrepreneurs in the fields of media, business, technology, government and social welfare. This year, the annual Forbes “Under 30” Summit will be held in Israel, further evidence of our leadership in the world. If you need more reasons to make aliyah and come on over to join the Nation, here is one.

Let’s take a peek at the Forbes Israel 30 Under 30

Itay Pincas is only 14 years old. He founded a company called Joy2Day, which has developed more than 20 apps.

Roy Reznik is 27 years old. He is the co-founder of Adallom, which he sold to Microsoft for a cool  $320 million.

Noa Raviv, 28, considered to be one of the rising stars in the Israeli fashion world, is designing exquisite work which has been showcased in the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dr. Kira Radinski is one of the Big Data pioneers and has created a unique algorithm to predict major outbreaks, such as plagues.

The Forbes Under 30 Summit, which will take place in Tel Aviv 3-7 April, 2016 promises to be a stellar event, with 600 or more dynamic, young entrepreneurs from around the world including Africa, the US, Europe, and Israel in attendance.

Of course, we here in Israel are very proud that Forbes has chosen us to host this year’s “Under 30” Summit, yet another reason to make Israel your home.



Thinking to Buy Property In Israel?


IMG_4013-700x525From a distance, it may look as if things are a bit troubling over here. But, in fact the opposite is the case. A new coalition government, daily explosion of medical and scientific discoveries, new communities taking shape, thousands of olim returning, expanding energy supplies and a happy, healthy population makes Israel the best country in the world with a strong future until the end of time.

This would be a good time to buy your property in Israel. If you are not organized yet to come and live, stake your claim and buy your home in Israel now, rent it out until you are here, and earn some good income from it.

Dreaming of building your own home in Israel? An exciting project is taking shape in the Holy City of Tveria…more about this later.

Take a look at what the experts are saying, don’t just take it from me.