Israel’s First Rent to Buy?

346316If Finance Minister Kahlon has his way, Israel will have its first “lease to buy” project. Working with foreign, primarily US, developers, the plan calls for an eventual construction of 10,000 apartment units that would be rented, by lottery, to couples who would pay upfront 10% of the purchase cost, and after 18 years would be owners of the property. These are new apartments, 4 bedrooms, 120 sq meters, to be built more quickly than is normal here in Israel. Financing would come from foreign banks. Here are the details of the proposed plan. Stay turned for its progress.


Israeli Home Prices Continue to Climb Upwards

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Homes Sales and Prices on the Rise

A lot of potential buyers were sitting on the fence, waiting for the elections to finish and new government initiatives to materialize that would address the issue of affordable housing. But it seems they have decided to jump down and start buying, since prices continue to climb and there is not really so much relief coming from the government. The spike in purchase tax also caused a flurry of purchase activity during the quarter, as overseas investors rushed to conclude their purchase contracts before the new rates became effective.

According to a recent Globes article, a survey of 16 cities across Israel shows that property prices have risen 5% from a year ago. Be’er Sheva saw the biggest jump, with second quarter prices 14% higher than second quarter of 2014. As expected, cities in the center saw higher prices from 2014.

Northern Israel prices are also increasing, but it is still so much more affordable here than in the center of Israel. There are beautiful cities, moshavim, yishuvim, and kibbutzim to choose from. Be in touch and let us help you find your dream home. Or, buy your lot and build your own dream home in the Galil!


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Buy Your Home in Tal Shachar, Israel

69007260Welcome to Moshav Tal Shachar (morning dew)

Waiting for you is an exquisite residence, a “smart house”, energy efficient, luxuriously designed, open floor plan, gorgeous!

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25 minutes from Tel Aviv, 30 minutes from Yerushalayim

272 sqm living space, 350 sqm garden

8 bedrooms, 3 balconies

swimming pool preparations complete


contact today to schedule a viewing

Buy This Affordable Home in Tiberias, in the Galilee, Israel

Prices are on the rise all across Israel, and Tiberias is no exception. This beautiful city, one of the four Holy Cities of Israel, sitting on the shores of the gorgeous Kineret (Sea of Galilee) is expanding and modernizing and becoming a hub of residential, commercial and innovator activity. Olim, investors and Israelis from the Center are drawn to the easy lifestyle, stunning views and ease of transportation that the city has to offer. Everywhere one looks there are cranes dotting the skyline, signaling yet another new residential project. All of this increase in attention, population and desire means higher prices. So, when an apartment like this comes on the market, one would be very wise to grab it!

This four-room, 110 sq meter apartment is in excellent condition, ready to move in or rent out. Located in mid-Tveria, the apartment is surrounded by synagogues, schools, small grocery stores, and public transportation. A short walk away is the mid-Tveria commercial sector, where you will find restaurants, specialty shops, public library and the community theater. Health clinics are also nearby. The apartment has a master bedroom, a second full bath and half bath, large salon and kitchen and awesome views of the Kineret and mountains of the Golan. At 475,000 NIS, it is a steal! Hot on the market, it will not last long. Contact us today to arrange a viewing.

Private Land for Sale in Israel

Tiberias-Highlight-246491416389469_crop_800_400If your dream is to build your own home in Eretz Yisrael, then this is the project for you!

It is important to know that only around 7% of all the available land in Israel is private. The vast majority is in the hands of the State or the Jewish National Fund. And, of the 7%, most of it is owned by developers. But, here is a project that will place private land in your hands and you can build the house of your dreams upon it!

226_desc3_2_1_1421660302A brand new neighborhood is taking shape in Tiberias, near the Sea of Galilee. 100 lots each one 400 sq meters, each one offering exquisite views of the Kineret and city of Tveria. You have up to five years to build your home in Israel, in whatever style you prefer. There are size restrictions depending upon the lot. Prices vary by lot location but range from 1,500 – 1,700 per sq meter.

The entire neighborhood will be ready in a year. Lots are already being reserved, so move fast to catch your piece of Israel. Buy now, in advance of your aliyah and build upon your arrival. Or build next year and rent your home until you arrive. Whatever you decide, the most important point is to act now. Contact us at for more specifics and reservation details.

Northern Israel: New Homes for Sale in Migdal

nofBuy a vacation home in the gorgeous yishuv of Migdal, northern Israel, or come and live on vacation every day of the year!

Here is an exclusive, new residential project in Migdal perfect for vacations, starter homes, young couples, retirees, and those just looking to live in a quiet, peaceful community with all the amenities of the big city just ten minutes away.

Migdal is located roughly ten minutes (8 k) from the bustling city of Tveria (Tiberias) on the way to Safed. It was founded in 1910 and became an official town in 1948. Just across the road is the gorgeous Kineret (Sea of Galilee), which can be seen from almost every location in Migdal. Three popular beaches grace the Kineret shoreline within the Migdal region.

Rising up over the yishuv is the majestic Mt. Arbel, which offers breathtaking views of the lower Galil. Climb to the top and explore the many caves, all of which offer incredible historic glimpses into the rich history of this region, including a cave fortress. At the top are the ruins of an ancient community and synagogue.

New homes for sale in Migdal

bldgThis new residential project consists of 20 luxury apartments, ranging in size from two rooms to four and 58 sqm to 117 sqm. The project is scheduled to be completed in 20 months and units are already flying off the shelf. Prices range from 825,452 NIS to 1.33M NIS. Reservations are being taken now.

Don’t be left out of this unique opportunity to buy into a new, luxury, residential project in the pristine community of Migdal, northern Israel. Contact us now for more information and to make your reservation.