Latest Property Sales in Tiberias

Here is some sales data to help all of you planning to buy property in Israel, especially in the northern city of Tiberias. Buying your home in Tiberias, or any of the northern cities and moshavim is one of the wisest choices you can make. The prices are still sane, you can purchase much more space with your money, values will continue to increase, it is quiet, beautiful and there is a lot room for growth. The market is moving, though, so buy your flat in Israel soon. Check out our listings, but keep in mind we have many more that are not featured here. Best is to contact us and tell us what you are looking for. See you soon.


latest update on property sale prices (shekels) in Tveria:

midtown, 4-rms, 101 sqm, 2d floor, 18 yrs old sold for 770,000
Mordot, 5-rms, 127 sqm, 1st floor, 25 yrs old sold for 1.1M
midtown, 3-rms. 63 sqm, 2d floor, 45 yrs old sold for 478,000
Tveria Ilit, 4-rms, 118 sqm, 1st floor, 35 yrs old sold for 1.06M

You can still find some bargain properties if you are willing to purchasing in older buildings and out of the center, but throughout the city, prices continue to creep up. New construction prices begin at 1M and sell out before completion. It is hot (not just the maalot) here in the northern cities along the Kineret. Contact us to find your dream home and capture a good price.

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