Build Your Home in Israel

800px-Dover_tverya17Dreaming of building your own home in the Holy Land?

Here is a rare opportunity to purchase private land (will be registered under you name in the Israel Land Records) and build your dream house the way you like it! A completely new neighborhood is underway in the very upper reaches of the city of Tiberias. Buy a lot and build your own home according to the style and price that you choose. Each lot is approximately 400 sqm, and there will be a total of 100 lots in the neighborhood. Each lot will be equipped with all utility lines. Your purchase price includes neighborhood amenities, such as synagogues, children’s playground, park, etc. You can walk to one of the most popular and large grocery stores and Big shopping center. Also, the higher elevation, means cooler summers!

If you are just now planning aliyah to Israel and love the idea of building your own home, this is a perfect option for you. Aliyah plans a year to two away? Perfect! Buy your lot now and build your house before you arrive. The are is filled with many good home builders. Or, come and build it with your own hands. Aliyah to the north is growing, especially to Tveria. Buildable land is become more and more difficult to find. Here is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new neighborhood and take part in its shaping. Reservations are being taken now. This opportunity will not last long. Private land for building is a rarity here. Contact us at for more details.

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