Vacation Rentals in Tiberias

Tveria is the best place for vacation–it is never cold! Well, okay, we do have a week or two, here and there, of winter rains and chilly temperatures, and the nights require a heavy blanket and maybe jacket if you are out and about, but nothing like the freezing weather I am seeing from news reports around the world. Even compared to other cities in Israel, Tveria is a winter-time paradise, a place to come for your much needed winter warm-up and respite from the winds, snow, ice storms, etc. Additionally, if you have been here in the summer, you know how crowded it can be. Winter-time is perfect–less crowds, no traffic jams, no waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant, and yet at the same time, everything is open–the marina, waterfront restaurants, lazer light show, new shopping mall, the famous pedestrian mall on Rehov HaGalil, archaeological digs, and more. Hop in your car, or better yet, let Egged take you to the Golan, Tzfat, Mt. Hermon, the Hula Valley, Rosh Pina, Bet She’an– all easily accessible and perfect for day trips from your vacation rental in Tiberias.

Israel real estate home and investments offers gorgeous vacation rentals–vacation apartments (or flats), vacation homes, studio apartments, all furnished with the amenities that you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Visit our Vacation and Rentals page, and then contact us to book your next vacation to Tveria (Tiberias), the Holy city on the shores of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). See you soon!

1 thought on “Vacation Rentals in Tiberias

  1. FeelHome provides apartments for Vacation Rentals and Short term rentals in all the major cities of Israel. Tel Aviv beach view apartments are the extraordinary one. Happy Vacation!!!

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