Invest in the strong Israeli economy – invest in real estate!

The latest from Invest in Israel:

The world’s three largest rating agencies, Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s, in a vote of confidence in the Israeli economy, maintained a high credit rating for Israel at a time when the economy’s resilience was put to the test by both global financial pressures resulting from the credit crisis and geopolitical conflict. While Israel was not immune to the effects of the global credit crunch, as its main trading partners were hit by the crisis, the country’s sound macroeconomic fundamentals and strict fiscal policy served as a buffer to dampen the impact of financial wobbles.

As a consequence of the macroeconomic strategy that Israel had adopted during the last two decades, together with the relatively conservative approach that was undertaken by the Israeli banking sector and the regulation carried out by the supervisor of banks, the Israeli economy was relatively well prepared to confront the challenges of the global crisis, including the prospects for economic slowdown. Though the crisis continues to loom from nearby Europe and a consequential slowdown might reflect on Israel through its trade ties, Israel’s comparatively strong economic performance throughout the crisis vouches for its ability to continue to withstand any further financial pressures.

The Israeli policy of removing barriers to trade in goods and to open capital movements has served the economy extremely well.  Israel is committed to openness as a strategic approach, while recognizing the importance of financial sector regulation.  The adoption of this strategy contributed significantly to Israel’s economic growth and its increased economic efficiency.

Israel Real Estate Homes and Investments, located in the north of Israel, has a large portfolio of real estate properties, for both living and investment. For much less money than is needed to make a purchase in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa or along the coast, you can find an affordable home or an investment property that will yield you at least 8% returns. Here are three options for you. Contact us for more choices and information

81 sq meter, 2d floor, 3 room, completely renovated apartment, located at the end of a very quiet street, with nothing but peace and tranquility to surround you. This is a very affordable apartment for living if you are looking for a new home in Israel. For the savvy investor, this is an outstanding investment. Rent for the apartment will be between 2300-2400 NIS per month and tenant pays all the bills, including city tax. The apartment is brand new inside, with new porcelain tile floors, new kitchen, new bathroom, new plumbing, new sewage pipes, and is freshly painted and in meticulous condition. You or your tenants can move in immediately, no need to do a thing! The apartment building has a very spacious and well-kept lobby and the entrance is lined with tropical trees and plants. The apartment is being offered at a bargain price of only NIS 510,000 (final price)

This is the best investment property! Already rented for one full year, beginning November 2011. The apartment is 78 sq meters, furnished and just steps from the kever of Rabbi Akiva, high up on a hill in Tiberias. Located on the 1st floor, with 3 rooms and beautifully designed, this apartment will bring you a great return on your investment. The apartment was completely renovated, with new kitchen, bathroom, porcelain floors, gorgeous wood trip around all the doors, new water pipes and plumbing. For the price of NIS 445,000 you will not find anything better in all of Israel.

All the benefits of a private house without all the work! This is a ground floor apartment, 74 sq meters, in a new building and is the perfect choice for a growing family looking for an apartment that can be expanded, or for the real estate investor looking for a good investment. This apartment can rent for between NIS 2600-2700 per month. The location is very quiet and the building is very well maintained. The apartment is wonderfully designed, with a special stone-finished wall to greet you upon your entrance into the home. The wall is designed with built-in shelves and alcoves to hold your TV, stereo system, books and other furnishings. The salon is very comfortable and the dining room was enlarged to make plenty of room for a large table. The kitchen is attractive and designed for efficiency, leading to an ample laundry and storage room. This is a great apartment, in a perfect location of the city, near to synagogues and many amenities. It is offered at only NIS 550,000 – an outstanding investment or living opportunity.

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