You will never believe this is an apartment– it feels like a villa!

This apartment is amazing… it looks like a movie set. You will not believe the amount of work and money that has been invested into this gorgeous home. The beauty begins as soon as you come to the entrance of the apartment, when you see the beautifully laid brick-facing and gorgeous stones at the entrance. Once inside, the luxury continues to envelop you—it will be a home of your dreams. This garden apartment spans two floors and each rooms blends seamlessly with the next giving you the feeling of floating, especially when you see the clear, blue waters of the Kinneret in front of you. 200 sq meters, 5 rooms, plus a 60 sq meter mirpeset. All the rooms are enormous, including the kitchen which is three times the size of the usual kitchen here in Israel. The floors throughout the house are of special, imported tile. The salon and dining room is large enough for all the family and guests. The mirpeset here is the perfect place to relax and watch the magnificent sunrise over the Kinneret and also you can watch the city as it awakens each day. Up the stairs, graced by a beautiful wrought-iron railing, you will find a full bathroom with shower, 2 bedrooms, one with a view to the Kinneret, and the master bedroom with a very large, walk-in closet and an exit to the upstairs mirpeset. And, if this is not enough, the owners have constructed an enormous succah, with painted stone walls and plenty of space to invite all the neighbors! PLUS, there is a studio apartment, perfect for renting out or as a place for the in-laws. This apartment must be seen to believe. You will not imagine that you can find such a jewel in this growing city of Tveria. NIS 1,080,000  To learn more, contact us.

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