Here is a great resource to help you with your purchase of a home in Israel or your real estate investment

Here is great news for all of you overseas buyers. Mortgage Israel, and their partner Forex Israel can help you with all of your real estate purchase financing needs and also help you to protect your purchasing power.

Mortgage Israel was founded in 2003 to assist people in obtaining financing for Israeli real estate, both in the residential and commercial sectors. They were the first Mortgage company of its kind in Israel, catering exclusively to the international English speaking market and essentially introduced mortgage brokerage to the Israeli banking system. Their clients include local and international buyers and they work closely with local lawyers, various real estate companies, builders and other industry professionals. Their head office is based in the center of Jerusalem, with offices in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Ramat Gan, Ranana and Toronto, Canada.

Mortgage Service

Below are some of the services offered.

  • Up to 90% loans, 30 year term, at the lowest bank rate
  • Refinancing and home equity loan
  •  loans available in all currencies
  • access to advice and research about the many loan options available in the market

Foreign Exchange Service
Through their sister company Forex Israel, Mortgage Israel also offer an additional service that assists clients in sending money to Israel at much lower exchange rates and fees than the Israeli banks. Since 2005 they have been assisting clients with sending money to Israel for Property Purchases, Investments, Mortgage payments, Living expenses and Salaries. To see more about these services please visit their website at
Some of the Forex Services include:

  • Wire Transfers –  at much better than bank rates !
  • Forward Contracts –  Lock in the rate for up to 1 year in the future  – used for protecting against the rate falling when purchasing a property or other larger purchase
  • Check Cashing at the lowest rates in the market – 0.5% fee

For more information, visit their website And, when you are ready, please get in contact with Warren Factor,

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