Israel is Growing!!

The population of Israel has grown by 2% since Independence Day last year. When the state was first founded, it had 806,000 residents; now there are 7,746,000 Israeli citizens.

Among them are 5.837 million Jews and 1.587 million Arabs, as well as 322,000 people who do not belong to either group. Despite decades of demographic scare tactics, Jews continue to make up more than 75% of Israel’s population.

Since last year, 178,000 babies were born to Israeli parents, and 43,000 Israeli citizens died. Aliyah was a key factor in growth as well, with 24,500 people making Israel their new home in the past year.

Another 7,500 were added to the Israel population in other ways, for a total of 155,000 more Israeli citizens on Israel’s 63rd Independence Day than in the year prior.

More than 70% of the Jews in Israel are native to the country, and more than 50% were born in Israel to a parent born in Israel. In comparison, in 1948 only 35% of the Jewish population was born in Israel.

In 1948, only one city, Tel Aviv, had more than 100,000 resients; today 14 cities have more than 100,000 residents and six—Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rishon LeTzion, Ashdod and Petach Tikva—have more than 200,000 residents.

(Israel National

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