Vacation time in Eretz Israel

Now is the perfect time to visit Israel. The weather is beautiful, not hot and not cold. Everything is in bloom. The grass is green. We have been blessed with rain and the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is looking very good right now. And, it is ahead of the heat and crowds of the summer months. And, of couse, no time is more perfect than Pesach. The north of Israel is incredibly beautiful, with mountains, the Kinneret, wineries, endless trails for walking, biking, horseback riding, archeological digs, fishing, sailing, restaurants, the ancient, mystical city of Tzfat, and, of course the jewel of the Galil– Tiberias. Horovitz Properties & Investments has a gorgeous portfolio of luxury vacation homes waiting for your arrival. Each vacation home is designed and furnished with meticulous attential to detal, ensuring a comfortable, peaceful, quiet and memorable holiday. Full details of their vacation homes can be found on their website, or byvisiting our vacation time page.  Here are some photographs to get you ready. Hope to see you soon in the Holy City of Tveria.



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