Teaming up to help widows and orphans in Israel

     Horovitz Properties supports Chesed & Shalva, a charity organization that provides financial support to widows and orphans. Every year, Chesed & Shalva runs the kimcha d’pischa campaign, to provide widows and orphans with food for Pesach. The goal is to raise 100,000 shekels in the next two weeks. Over 200 families of widows and orphans are waiting for assistance. These are very destitute widows and orphans who struggle every day to have food on the table. For them, Pesach is a holiday of disappointment and sadness, as they cannot afford the high cost of Pesach food. Chesed & Shalva provides them with a special debit card that they can take to the supermarket to purchase the food they need for the Holiday. Horovitz Properties is a corporate sponsor of the kimcha d’pischa campaign, providing funding, office space for the campaign, telephones and volunteer assistance. You can learn more about the charity Chesed & Shalva by visiting their website. Donations can be made directly on line through the website.

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