Yes, it is still the best time to invest in real estate in Israel

Recently, someone wrote to me that maybe the situation was a little too “iffy” these days to make an investment in Israel right now. Here is what  Stanley Fisher, Governor of  the Bank of Israel had to say at the Herzliya Conference. (courtesy of The real estate market is strong, property values continue to rise, there are new projects all over the country, and many new olim are making their way home. Northern Israel continues to be the best market for investment as the prices are still very reasonable. The city of Tiberias, in the north, along the shores of the beautiful Kinneret, is growing with new olim and overseas investment buyers. You can still purchase a great home, with lots of space and the beauty of the Galil just outside your door (or mirpeset), for a very good price. Live in it, make it a vacation home, rent it out for the year, whatever you decide you will not be sorry and you will not lose your money. So, yes, it is absolutely the very best time to invest in real estate in Israel.

Stanley Fisher Warns of Regional Instability at 2011 Herzliya Conference

February 9, 2011 by eJP  

In a Keynote Address, on the third day of the 2011 Herzliya Conference, Professor Stanley Fisher, Governor of the Bank of Israel assured his audience that Israel has a, “strong, solid, economy, which is impressive,” despite the geo-political situation which “has changed two weeks ago”.

He emphasized this point relating to the many periods of political instability that the State of Israel faced, providing examples such as, ‘the break of the Hamas and the PLO’ and the ‘global recession’. Referring to the latter, Fisher declared, ‘throughout this entire period, the economy was hardly harmed, and certainly much less than other Western countries’.

In maintaining Israel’s economy, Fisher stated, ‘we need to manage our economy in such a way that if there is a future crisis, we will be able to deal with them from a position of robustness, rather than a position of weakness’.

He added that part of this maintenance would stem from ‘having a strong banking system’. One of the steps that the Bank of Israel will need to take to achieve this is “to maintain price stability” at a ”low rate of inflation”. However, he explained that the Bank of Israel cannot act alone, and the government needs to ‘preserve the budget’.

Riding on his optimistic outlook of having a “strong economy”, he encouraged Israeli citizens to “behave responsibility” because, “we don’t have money to waste” and “we must preserve what we have”.

about: The Herzliya Conference is the flagship of the Institute of Policy and Strategy (IPS) at the Lauder School of Government of IDC Herzliya. The Herzliya Conference addresses Israel’s national agenda by encouraging public debate and influencing the country’s public policy planning. This is achieved through convening Israeli and international elite policy makers, conducting cutting edge research, fostering a global network of contacts in a public forum by attracting the best and the brightest to take part in the conference and its discussions.

   Here is a great example of a perfect investment. This apartment is a garden apartment, a real gem in the city of Tiberias. The apartment is 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, with large salon (living room area) and dining room. It has a very well appointed kitchen that leads to the laundry room and storage. It has quite a few luxurious finishes, such as the entrance wall which you can see in this photograph.  But, the best feature of this apartment is the large outdoor space. There is a large garden and patio and you still have room for expanding the apartment, or expanding the garden and making it into a tropical paradise. It is a perfect apartment for living, or if not ready yet, for investment because it will be rented in a snap. Everyone is looking for a garden apartment! More can be found at the website of

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