No rioting in Israel

Hot off the Press from Janglo1:

“Thank G-d, Israel isn’t rioting in the streets. Our country’s economy is the strongest its ever been, the security front is relatively quiet, and a survey this summer found Israelis to be among the happiest people in the world. Sure, we could use lower taxes, more worthy leaders, and some modernizing, but overall, things are as good as they’ve been in a while.”

And, now is the perfect time to make your move to Israel. Or, to purchase your vacation home, or investment property. And, the best place is the north of Israel, where it is beautiful, quiet, peaceful and affordable! The real estate market in Tiberias continues to grow and strengthen, making it very fertile ground for your real estate investment. New city projects, downtown renovations, influx of new olim all combine to make the city of Tiberias a good choice for your home or investment in Israel.

This apartment, for instance, is in a perfect location for living or for  investment. Located at the top of Tiberias, Shikun Dalet is quickly becoming the neighborhood of choice for new residents. The neighborhood benefits from synagogues, excellent schools, yeshiva,  a large grocery store, shuk (outdoor market), bakeries, many small family owned shops, great transportation to downtown Tiberias, and awesome views of the Kinneret and city below. Properties are still very reasonably priced but the trend is in the direction of increasing market value and sales. This apartment is currently listed for 330,000 shekels. It has been recently painted and repaired. It still needs a bit of renovation, but for the price and location, on the most desired street in Shikun Dalet, it is a very good investment or place to build your new home in Eretz Yisrael. Contact the professionals at Horovitz Properties & Investment for more information or for a viewing.

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