Don’t watch your money disappear — invest in the hot Israel real estate market

Nearly 1 million homes repossesed in 2010; 1 in every 100 households receiving foreclosure notices in some states in the US; half a million dollar losses in investment porfolios– the financial picture in the US and Canada is frightening. But why wait until all your money is gone? Now is the best time to invest your money in the real estate market in Israel where you are sure to protect yourself against  future losses and even see a nice gain from your investment. With rapidly rising property values and a tight rental market, you can easily see a return of at least 6 percent from rental income, especially in the north of Israel. Real estate prices rose by 15% in Jerusalem this year, and other cities are seeing a similar boon in the real estate market. 

A hot investment opportunity right now is this 6-apartment,  building in Nachlaot, one of the most popular and famous neighborhoods of Jerusalem. This property is perfect for a small boutique hotel or vacation apartments, providing you with significant returns on your investment. The asking price for the property is $2.3 million, a very small price to pay for prime real estate in the city of Jerusalem.

Further north, in the city of Tiberias, another spectacular investment opportunity awaits you. In the heart of the city downtown, just steps from the shores of the Kinneret and all the exciting activities of the waterfront is 750 sq meters of prime commercial property. The current tenant is a gym, but the property is well suited for any business, retail, service or hospitality purpose. The asking price is 2.9M shekels, a true bargain for such a hot property. More information on both of these properties, as well as other commercial real estate investments can be found here.

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