Plant your money in Israel and grow — an art gallery!

One very enterprising real estate investor has chosen to place his hard earned cash in the real estate market in Tiberias, purchasing prime office space in the heart of the city. After extensive remodeling, this office space has become the newest hot spot in the city of Tiberias, and the only free-standing art gallery in the city. Belleza Art & Cafe is a uinque space for showcasing some of Israel’s most talented artists, and a much welcomed outlet for the serious art collector. The gallery covers two floors, with intimate seating on both floors for customers to enjoy a cappucino, latte or cold drink while meditating on the inspiring oil on canvas paintings. Following a very successful grand opening, the gallery is now open every day, with plans for monthly special events showcasing a particular artist,with  music, delicious treats and great ambience. This is a great example of how investment in Tiberias can not only reap great returns for the investor but also for the entire city and north of Israel. Some photos of the exquisite, unique art can be seen on a special page on this blog called Belleza. You can contact for more information about the gallery and the wonderful people at HRE Properties and Investments for more information about investment opportunities in Israel.

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